Surfski Vacations offer customized surfski adventures in unique and exotic location in the central Mediterranean (Italy, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, Western Greece) for small groups.

Get in contact to plan your next adventure with us!

Wheter you are absolute beginner or an experienced paddler, we’ll give you a fun and sensational experience tailored to your level of fitness.

Explore and experience the very best of magical locations. Paddle, surf and snorkel crystal clear waters. Escape the hustle and bustle and unwind in wonderful surroundings.

Our user friendly and cutting edge Surfski’s are suited to a wide level of skill included serious paddlers.

The Mediterranean is an idyllic locations for Surfski. Let us take you to the next level of paddling and experience the exhilaration of surfing the waves, enjoying the rich hospitality, cuisine, culture and beauty of locations that are a little off the beaten track. Do it in style with us!

Join us on our next paddling safari, learn and explore, experience and enjoy. Come share the adventure with us.

We are looking for partners to set tailored plans.

Style: Top notch equipment (Stellar S18SG2, carbon paddles,  van & driver)  + Top notch features (best location, great accommodation, on land support for a perfect logistic).

Mobility: based in central Italy, we easily move in the best spot of central Mediterranean Sea (Sardinia,  Croatia,  Greece, Corsica, Garda lake or south Italy).

Flexibility: we are open to different kind of plans (beginners, clubs, partnerships, private events) and be able to accord your wish to the costs, timing, goals, destinations.

Small group: from 4 to 8.

All inclusive: we provide full catered services according to your needs. 

Versatility: we can create the best project accordingly to your desire and needs.

Added values: to offer a great experience we create small group, focus on uniform skill level, few events (less is more), tailored plans, best equipment, great location, cared treatment.

Authenticity: authentic uncommon plans, out of the beaten path, for an extraordinay experience.

Responsibility: we are responsible travel and take care on minimaze the impact on the wilderness, respect the local habits and establishing good relationshion with the people we meet. Our style is to deal with family business the most we can.

Culture and fitness: our trips aim to do a good daily fitness activity and leave some time for cultural experiences; simply live like the locals and understand their way, eat typical specialties and take advantage of all the cultural aspects that the rich Mediterranean offers.

Style, simplicity, quality: we like to melt together these three beautiful facts in our trips and our life.

Creativity: it’s the base of our success. Be curious, think about something different and innovative, with a little of unicity.

Business and passion: this project is moved by the passion of travelling, meet new people, discovery different culture and explore the beautiful Mediterranean Sea; the business side is a necessary way to support the first more important aspect.

Available trips:

The following trips are just some, you are welcome to discuss your special one!


Trip highlights: our best spot for the summer period; fantastic spot for light medium downwind; absolutely gorgeous landscapes; authentic Dalmatian islands out of the beaten track; thousands of Islands and channels.

Best period: from June to September

Airport: Split SPU or Zadar ZDA.

5/7 days of surfski activities.

Group size 4-8.

Spectacular shorelines, stunning sunsets, mystical islands, impossibly clear perfectly swimmable warm waters, taverns serving delicious food, authentic accommodation, opportunity to work on paddling skills.

Logistics: van & trailer with driver that follows us for a safe, enjoyable downwind session.

Sea conditions expected: generally flat conditions in the morning allows training and exploration; wind often pick up in the afternoon reaching a force of 15/18 knots with moderate waves. In the canals the wind increases due to Venturi effect.

For details of the area:
to see more about dugi otok island

Accommodation: camping or private houses for group like

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Dugi Otok island
Sibenik archipelago and Krka gorge


Best period: all year long except July and Agoust

Trip highlights: amazing spot for full power downwind; it’s considered the most windly place of the central Mediterranean Sea; amazing scenary with giant rocks and sandy beaches; perfect place for a wide range of paddler levels from intermediate to the most demanding.

Airport: OLBIA (OLB)

5/7 days of surfski activities.

Group size 4-8.

Top conditions for downwind, spectacular coastline, taverns serving delicious food, authentic accommodation, opportunity to work on paddling skills.

Logistics: van & trailer with driver that follows us for a safe, enjoyable downwind session.

Accommodation: camping, Agriturismo or B&B

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Best period: June to September

The Garda Lake is well known for the daily wind conditions (twice a day in the summer period) and the outstanding alpine scenery surrondings. We run 7 days SurfSki coaching where you will learn, have fun, enjoy the Italian elegant hospitality.

Airport: MILAN or VERONA

5/7 days of surfski activities.

Group size 4-7.

Top conditions for downwind, alpine scenery, authentic hospitality, opportunity to work on paddling skills, group safety and more.

Logistics: van & trailer with driver that follows us for a safe, enjoyable downwind session.

Accommodation: camping, Agriturismo or B&B

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Hi! I’m Marco, a passionate watersport and paddler (kayak, surfski, sup) since many years. I’m a paddling coach and instructor for the ACA (American Canoe Association). I live in Italy but often travel to the best places of the central Mediterranean.

My goal is to give you the experience of a lifetime; come and paddle pristine waters, explore exotic locations, experience the food and culture, let me guide you through my backyard for an experience that is unique and unforgettable.

Some time ago I’ve founded a company with over 10 years of experiences by organizing premium succesful Sea kayaking trips, still in activity.

We are based in Italy.


We provide: van + driver + trailer, quality accommodations.

Kit provided: intermediate surfski (Stellar S18SG2), premium carbon paddles, life jackets, dry bags, leash.

You only need to take your personal gear.

Our coloured fleet of Surfski Stellar S18SG2

Surfski Stellar S18G2: we have found in the S18G2 of Stellar a perfect machine for the conditions we have in the central Mediterranean Sea.

Design and weight: the S18G2 is a great looking ski and it’s only 14 kg, the shape and the fiberglass help the glideness.

Stability: enough stable and great for beginner but very nice to paddle if you are a pro.

Speed: super good accelaration and speed.

Versatile: good for many sizes, good for many levels, and with the two big seal compartments you carry on with you gear for the day.

Fun! It’s super fun to use and great in many different conditions.

On the flat: still very fast boat in flat condition, super tracking and very manouvrable.

On downwind: A Blast! The perfect machine for the short braking waves that we have here with a wind of 15 knots or more.

If you wish be informed about future trips and events please mail us at

Innovative Surfskis
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